Adding property to "line"


If I were to add a property to the "line" object, how would I proceed? I
was thinking of the following:

- Add a variable "gboolean isdouble" to the Line structure in
- Add a toggle_button to dia_line_style_selector_init in lib/widgets.c, bind
  a function that switches the "isdouble" variable

and then find in what function the line-rendering is achieved, and in that
function check the value of isdouble, and depending on that value, render one
or two lines.

I know the rendering is achieved using several functions (each one more
general than the other). What function should I be looking for?

By checking out the other properties, I guess I'll also have to define a
(e.g.) PROP_STD_LINE_DOUBLE and add it to the LineProperties. 

        Sven Vermeulen

    Save some animals, eat a vegetarian.

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