snap to grid vs. straight lines

I have not been able to find anything on this on bugzilla nor in the archive 
of this list.

I use dia from today's cvs (took some time to make it compile).

When doing a diagram, for instance a flowchart, how do I get straight 
horizontal or vertical lines?

- if I turn the grid on, then the center connection points of the text boxes 
don't match the grid lines because it is the upper left corner of the box 
that snaps to grid and the width of the box is dependent on the content of 
the box, not on the grid width.

- i could, of course, use the zig-zag line, but then the arrowheads end up 
pointing along the side of the box.

- so instead it seems I have to turn off snap to grid and zoom in real close 
to try to make the lines absolutely straight or get the arrowheads on the 
zig-zag lines point in the right direction.

This is the one thing that makes it frustrating to create nicelooking diagrams 
in dia. Apart from this detail, I'm quite excited about dia.


PS: is there a way to draw several lines after each other without having to 
select the line tool each time?

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