Re: Problems resizing


  I don't know if this is the error coming from the
segfault... I haven't received it before and I can't
tell when during the program execution it occurred,
but I'll pass it along anyway:

(dia:16085): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top
of a previous GError or uninitialized memory.
This indicates a bug in someone's code. You must
ensure an error is NULL before it's set.
The overwriting error message was: Failed to open file
'/home/ccrandal/.dia/font_menu': No such file or
Segmentation fault

--- Lars Clausen <lrclause cs uiuc edu> wrote:
0.88 doesn't allow setting the fonts for a Class
object.  Additionally, it
will sometimes make the text go outside the box.  In
0.90, we made a tweak,
so that at least the text stays inside the box, even
if there is some extra
space.  CVS head shouldn't segfault when exporting,
we'd like to hear some
details on that.


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