Re: Problems resizing

Hi Lars,

  I just installed the latest CVS release of Dia. 
There were several problems with it.  First, I tried
installing by executing the command:

. --prefix=/usr

I did that since I'd like it to appear in my GNOME
menu.  It installed, I saw the menu entry, but it
didn't execute.  Trying it from the terminal, it
complained it couldn't find the library file

  I just installed it so it went in /usr/local and
tried executing from the command line.  When I opened
my UML files, the text was offset slightly downward so
the last line of text was partially out of the box.

  Finally, when I right click, choose File, and then
select, the program promptly dies and the terminal
reads that there's a Segmentation Fault.  I don't have
any more details other than that.

  Also, this isn't a functional problem, but it's a
little confusing.  Some of the text fields and buttons
are backwards in this release compared to 0.88.  For
instance, double clicking on a large package gives a
dialog box with stereotype first and name second.  And
the buttons on the bottom of most dialog boxes has
close first, followed by apply and then ok.  Since I'm
used to the order being ok, apply and close, this has
been a source of some frustration.

  I'm running on RedHat 8.0, with the latest kernel
from RedHat (2.4.18-17).


--- Lars Clausen <lrclause cs uiuc edu> wrote:
0.88 doesn't allow setting the fonts for a Class
object.  Additionally, it
will sometimes make the text go outside the box.  In
0.90, we made a tweak,
so that at least the text stays inside the box, even
if there is some extra
space.  CVS head shouldn't segfault when exporting,
we'd like to hear some
details on that.


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