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--- Nick Fisher <Nick nickdafish com> wrote:
I'm afraid I use Gentoo (Not Debian) and I don't use X.

you dont need x to help test compile, that is the great thing.
It could even be automated.

Ahh, can you try installing the debian source packages under gentoo?
there must be way to convert, I will look into that.

I will look if there 
I also don't
the time to get into cygwin in the depth I suspect I would need too
Sorry. Is there any straight up Win32 testing I can help with?

Maybe you can alien out the exes and libs for testing?

yes, you can get the debs, and somehow extract the files or wait and
someone who has debian can extract and publish them.

that would be a great test. Mike garnsey has reported that he can even
replace the DLLs of the libxml that he as built under debian
with the installed DIA under windows and it works.

This would even be a great test, I will have to think about it,
but we could install the libs + headers of the ports that hans and tor
have been working on, and then use them to fake the environment of each
debian package individually. That would make it possible to port all of
the packages at the same time. Kinda like resolving the problem in

What do you think?

I'll help any way I can with testing......
Well, we are coming along with the new windows porting of the
if you want to help test them and help with the porting, then
How would I go about doing that? 

You need to setup a debian box, get all the packages described on
page I sent you last

Then you can download and test the builds of the various packages,
help fix some of the simpler bugs (like removing conflicting files
the build) or help port some more packages.

If you setup the env correctly, you should be able to build and
with just a simple command.

Well, under windows itself, right now, it is much more difficult,
need to get the cygwin and the dpkg for cygwin. I have a bunch of
patches for that, and have ported some packages to it but dont have

Should I just keep an eye on the page? 

Not yet, this thing is a while off from being installable, 
we are still working on compiling all the modules under mingw32.

I can't find a Win32 Dia
on freshmeat :(

Is there a beta testers list I should join?

The mailling list is here :

James Michael DuPont

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