Noob can't print right on Win32....

  I'm just starting to play with Dia after much fighting with many other
similar apps and I'm very happy..... BUT printing is all messed up.

When I print a page the right hand 2-3cm is chopped off.
If I reset the print margins I see no diference.
If I swap to landscape mode I see no difference (The orientation doesn't
If I set landscape in Dia AND the printer Setup it's the right way around
but still too big.
If I change the scale I can make things *almost* the right size but I can
never seem to get a diagram to stay on a single page.

I'm working on Win32 using the installer from (0.90)

I'm in the US so I'm using letter sized paper.

I'm using two networked printers, a HP LJIIISi and a HP LJ8500DN.

I have installed GhostScript to try and trouble shoot but it looks like
it's Dia's output that's wrong rather than the printsetup. Exported EPS
files have chunks missing off of the sides.

I've had a look through the mail archives and didn't find anything that
really relates to the problems that I have been having. So does anyone
have any advice? Is this a common problem? I don't want to go submitting
bug reports for something that's just a product of my screwy machine.
Any thoughts most welcome.


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