Re: user defined sheets.

      Another question is: What is the procedure of creating custom sheets with
custom shapes? When I do it like this:
-create shape and save it (in directory ~/.dia/shapes)
-export it to dia shape format
-create new sheet or select any old one.
-add the newly created shape to the sheet.

There is a message:

      "Several object-types were named shapes abc.
Only the first one will be used.
Some things might not work as expected."

The name of a Dia Shape is what appears between the tags
they must be different
the filename is completely irrelavant.

the segfault is highly unlikely to be even remotely connected with this,
more likely is that your encoding problem is causing the segfault.

I might be able to attempt an answer to your other question later if i can
spare the time but please do try more things and provide more detail.

Alan Horkan

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