user defined sheets.

1. I'am trying to make my own sheet and a couple of shapes, but I've only succeeded partialy. The problem is with some local settings. I make a new sheet in Dia and add a shape created earlier and exported as name.shape. I save it and exit program. When I run it again and select the newly creadted sheet there is a segfault with a message:

[tomek grzejhost sheets]$ dia &
[1] 29666
[tomek grzejhost sheets]$

/home/users/tomek/.dia/sheets/nowy.sheet:11: error: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding !
<!--dodaj tutaj kształty-->
/home/users/tomek/.dia/sheets/nowy.sheet:11: error: Bytes: 0xB3 0x74 0x79 0x2D
<!--dodaj tutaj kształty-->

Gnome-WARNING **: invalid gnome config path '=/section/key'

It looks, like Dia is creating files that it cannot read later :-). It writes file in iso-8859-2 which is default in my system and than says its not in utf-8. Any suggestions, how to workaround this?

2. Another question is: What is the procedure of creating custom sheets with custom shapes? When I do it like this:
-create shape and save it (in directory ~/.dia/shapes)
-export it to dia shape format
-create new sheet or select any old one.
-add the newly created shape to the sheet.

There is a message:

        "Several object-types were named shapes abc.
Only the first one will be used.
Some things might not work as expected."

And surely it doesn't work as expected, because it segfaults on OK.

So there are suddenly two of these shapes? Where is the first one and where is the second one? I can only find one file abc.shape in ~/.dia.

3. When I add my shape to the directory ~/.dia/shapes how can I use it? Do I have to add it to one of the sheets?

Thanks for help,
Tomek Grzejszczyk

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