Re: Re[2]: transparency as default

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Tim Ellis wrote:
For each object type, you can double-click the icon in the toolbox to
bring up the defaults dialog for that.  Of course, if you want
transparent background for different kinds of objects, you have to set
that for each kind.  And it's not temporary, but can be set back the
same way.

The UML shapeset doesn't appear to follow this convention. For UML, what
I do is create a single "dummy" instance of the shape I want many of,
then instead of creating a new one each time, I copy the "dummy" object
and paste it, then edit.

Most of the UML things are ok, but in particular the UML class object is
really nasty.  

This way I can have say ten classes that are each the exact same shade of
red, and ten more the exact same shade of blue.

Of course, it'd be nice to be able to select ten classes and bring up a
dialog that would change all of them to be some other colour. Right now I
unzip the .DIA savefile, do a search/replace for #xxyyzz-->#aabbcc which
might be a little much for most GUI users.

If you group them together, they change attributes together, however
there's a bug in that that causes too many attributes to change.  That's
one of the first things we'll fix after the Gtk 2.0 release.


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