Re: transparency as default

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Alan G. Isaac wrote:
Today I needed to draw a diagram where
the objects were transparent (i.e.,
set property to 'draw background: No').

i. Transparency is mentioned briefly in
the docs but achieving it is not discussed.
I found the relevant dialogue by trial
and error.

ii. I could not find out how to make it
the default for new objects.  Looking in
preferences, I expected to find 'object
defaults' next to 'diagram defaults', but
it was not there.  So I had to change each
object separately.

How can I (temporarily) make this the default?

For each object type, you can double-click the icon in the toolbox to bring
up the defaults dialog for that.  Of course, if you want transparent
background for different kinds of objects, you have to set that for each
kind.  And it's not temporary, but can be set back the same way.


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