Change Colour of mulitple objects. Re: Re[2]: transparency as default

Of course, it'd be nice to be able to select ten classes and bring up a
dialog that would change all of them to be some other colour. Right now I
unzip the .DIA savefile, do a search/replace for #xxyyzz-->#aabbcc which
might be a little much for most GUI users.

Interesting that you should mention this.

I have been trawling the archives, cleaning out my old mail and filing
bugs that I should have filed ages ago.  it is definately a
usability problem that bothers just about everyone who has used Dia.

I was going to file it but i was could not think of what wording i should
use for the Bugzilla bug report.

If you group a bunch of objects together you can change the line colour

The fill colour did not change for all of the shapes in the group i tried
but it seems like some of the custom shapes i made (now in CVS in the
Assorted sheet) had their background colour set to something other than
'None', which brings me to this bug that i filed earlier

Alan Horkan

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