issues: modal dialogs and uml arrows

Hi all.

Dia is currently the most attractive free UML tool. Congrats to all.

However, after a short period of use (less than 24 hrs) I have come
accross a few niggles (v 0.90 compiled on stock redhat 7.2). 

1) Prettiness: The association arrows in uml place the role-names too
   close to the arrow head, thus obscuring the first/last letters in
   the name by the arrow head.

2) Usability: The modal dialogs you get for classes and packages often
   pop up UNDER all other windows. Pan/Galeon (the only other apps
   that I use with dialogs) get them to pop up on top, so I suspect
   there is a wm hint that can be set somehow. At least there's no
   longer a segfault if you double click the object again (as there
   was in 0.88.1)

3) Usability: In aforementioned dialogs, pressing return Should act
   like clicking "OK".  Since "Apply" is the default action (hrm)
   binding that to return would also be ok, but that doesn't happen

4) Usability (questionable): The shape selection reverts to arrow away
   after each use. F.ex, if I want to make several classes, I have to
   click on the class button, place the class, click on the class
   button again, place the next class...  I would prefer the selection
   to be "sticky", so that I had to explicitly click on the arrow tool
   to be able to unselect class tool. 

Just a few niggles that I felt better aired than kept under wraps. I
hope they're taken in the intendend spirit.



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