RE: import-filter for iptables ?

Subject: RE: import-filter for iptables ?

Im pretty new to dia, but I'll give u my comments.

I dont think there is any type of data import feature now. Will there be any??
(dia people).

I think time is more the problem than ability.
if you want something specific file it in bugzilla, at least that way the
next guy who asks or a programmer with an itch to scractch can know that
there are people who will use a feature if it gets added.

With Dia as much as any other open source/free software project new
features are always welcome, the problem is getting them done and doing
them well or at least doing them in a way that is maintainable.

Im tired and i am not sure i am saying this as clearly as i could be but
anyway if you are developer contribute somehow (i define developer very
broadly from code to graphic design to localisation etc) and if you are
not then encourage (guilt-trip) someone who is.

LARS: did u die or something??

he is probably just busy

i should try and write some better Dia python bindings documentation so i
can at least make more useful suggetsions about adding scripts and
suchlike, but i have to find a job.

Alan Horkan

Does it make sense to include such a filter to dia - or is it more easy to
write this in my used language ?

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