RE: import-filter for iptables ?

Im pretty new to dia, but I'll give u my comments.

I dont think there is any type of data import feature now. Will there be any??
(dia people).

Marc: what I did to import data is:

   1. created a simple text box and rectangle; grouped them, and saved to a
file. Then i gunzip'ed the dia save file, and u can see the XML format this
   2. after a few minutes of studying, it will be pretty simple to see where
the text goes. You can write a simple script to replicate as many of these
box-text grouped objects as you want. Then u write to file, and use some good
ol manual labor to organize.
   3. I think your needs are too specific to dia, so its best u just put your
work on some website and let google make the information public.

So here's some extra tips:

  I had some data for each year 1975-2000. So on avg, i made needed 15
text/rectangle groups for each year. To make things easier, I then grouped (
just by adding <dia:group> ... </dia:group> (iirc) around each year). When i
opened the file in dia, I then did a manual (by hand, for loop):

    for each year:
      Select a year
      ungroup it
      align it vertically-adjecent (this really makes the data easy to use).
      did whatever other organizing needed to be done.

So with those simple steps, u can get very efficient. I'm actually going to
work on a more automated way, more from me on that later.  Don't bother
changing the size of rectangles in the custom text import feature i described
above, its far too complex.

Thats that -Hunter.

LARS: did u die or something??
===== Original Message From Marc Schöchlin <marc schoechlin t-online de>
Hi !

I'm often writing or modifying iptables-firewallscripts, but I miss a
good possibility
to make a graphical-documentation of these firewalls.

There is a command which allows me to dump the actual firewall-configuration
to a file. (iptables-save)

I thought about writing a small piece of code to create a first simple

I'm used to program in perl, but I have also some little experience in
writing c-code.

Does it make sense to include such a filter to dia - or is it more easy to
write this in my used language ?

The diagrams should look like this:

There are rules which are grouped in chains. The rules should
represented as
text-boxes. These textboxes should be includes in a "named" chain.

Iptables supports to jump to other chains - so I have to be able to make
a magnetic
line from one of the rule-textboxes to an certain chain. (the magnetic
line should be
able to be placed on the left or on the right side of the text)

Are there some functonalities for automatic creation of such kind of
charts ?


Marc Schöchlin

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