Re: import-filter for iptables ?

Here are just my ideas, not any offical statement of any nature:

I think auto dia takes care of some of this.
and it is written in Perl, which is probablly good 
for handling iptables files.. and the best took that I use to do stuff
like that.

I think that dia could use a good perl binding anyway,
but until I get around to doing that.

The export filters that are used to filter the output could be easily
turned around to make input filters. 
using popen("perl filename|") should do the trick....

Now there are issues with the autolayouting in dia,
I have been thinking about the api between the autorouter/autolayouter
and dia itself. I think we need tacks, glue, springs and rubber bands.
You tack things down, use springs to keep them apart and rubber bands
to put them togeather. These would be layout tools put onto a layout
layer. Glue would stiffen rubber bands and springs to become

Then you could use the randomizer to move non-pinned objects.

My two euro cents,

James Michael DuPont

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