Don't cvs update now, if ...

... you don't plan to help with the transition to GObject 
based DiaRenderer(s).

That said, here is what currently already works (with
probably minor build issues on *nix, cause all this work
was done on win32) :

There is a new DiaRenderer class and a DiaInteractiveRenderer
interface defined in libdia. The DiaRenderer implementation
lives in libdia, the additional DiaInteractiveRenderer interface
is implemented in app/*

- RendererGdk is ported to be DiaGdkRenderer
- RendererPixmap has vanished. The render to pixmap facility
  is implemented on top of DiaGdkRenderer (parametrization)
- DiaRenderer has default implementations for higher level
  renderer function like draw_bezier (approximation with
  draw_line, moved from RendererGdk, *_rounded_*, etc.)
- all of object/* is ported to use DiaRenderer
- there is a new DiaSvgRenderer in libdia containing almost all 
  the code which can be shared between plug-ins/svg and 
  plug-ins/shape. The respective plug-ins are stripped down to
  their essential differences (removed code duplication).
- part of plug-ins/* (i.e. hpgl, shape, svg, wmf, wpg) is ported. 
  The other plug-ins will be ported soon (want to contribute?).
- there is a new export plug-in called 'Pixbuf' which uses 
  DiaGdkRenderer to export to gdk-pixbuf supported bitmap
  formats (currently only PNG and JPEG).

Almost as described in
- convert Renderer interface to GObject
  - change init_*_*ops() to *_class_init, virtual function support 
    (should be done by/with the help of GObject)
  - lib/render.c includes most of the base DiaRenderer
    plug-ins/ has code to approximate ellipse by arcs
    app/renderer_gdk.c : has a bezier by line approximation
  - try to involve original plug-in authors (to at least 
    take a look if something got broken during the transition)


RendererLibart and RendererEPS are next on my list. Following 
plug-ins/python. If noone else is taking the missing plug-in 
conversion (cgm, dxf, metapost, pstricks, xfig) they are last.


-------- Hans "at" Breuer "dot" Org -----------
Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to 
get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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