Announce: tedia2sql, GPL ERD Tool

Another in my hopefully-sparse-enough tedia2sql announcements.

tedia2sql now supports MySQL and one-to-one relationships thanks to the
international nature of the internet (Thanks, Martin).

What is tedia2sql? You create your database diagram (ERD) in Dia using the
UML shapes. Then you run tedia2sql on the Dia savefile, and it spews forth
SQL DDL in the database dialect of your choice.

Well, as long as you choose one of PostgreSQL, MySQL (InnoDB), Oracle,
Sybase, Ingres, MS-SQL Server, or IBM DB2. Use a different database? Want
tedia2sql to support it? Well, it's pretty easy, really, but you need to
contribute at least the SQL syntax for about twelve operations and run the
test output on the server to make sure it doesn't have syntax errors.

Using tedia2sql:
Screenshots (of ERDs in Dia that tedia2sql can handle):
Homepage (mailing list, CVS, downloads, documentation, etc):

Tim Ellis
Senior Database Architect
Author, tedia2sql (

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