Re: Don't cvs update now, if ...

On Sun, 06 Oct 2002, Hans Breuer wrote:
... you don't plan to help with the transition to GObject 
based DiaRenderer(s).

That said, here is what currently already works (with
probably minor build issues on *nix, cause all this work
was done on win32) :

There is a new DiaRenderer class and a DiaInteractiveRenderer
interface defined in libdia. The DiaRenderer implementation
lives in libdia, the additional DiaInteractiveRenderer interface
is implemented in app/*

- RendererGdk is ported to be DiaGdkRenderer
- RendererPixmap has vanished. The render to pixmap facility
  is implemented on top of DiaGdkRenderer (parametrization)
- DiaRenderer has default implementations for higher level
  renderer function like draw_bezier (approximation with
  draw_line, moved from RendererGdk, *_rounded_*, etc.)


So is the 'function overloading' done with the GLib stuff or with the same
mechanism as before?  Looking at the GLib function overloading, it seems
rather heavy-weight, with before and after functions.


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