Re: PyDia (was Re: Compiling DIA)

Thanks for pointing the ref. I will have a try with it a soon as a get a stable dvpt
environment (not so easy with the ongoing gnome1 -> 2 transition)

A well-designed and well-documented Python scripting would be great
to allow people to extend dia in a easy and portable way. In hope we will
get there in some future !


Hans Breuer a écrit:
At 11:53 24.11.02 +0100, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Sat, Nov 23, 2002, à 06:32:58PM -0600, Lars Clausen a écrit:

Another question: I saw some python stuff in there. Is it possible to
write python
plugin (or is this planned ine some future) ?
It's supposedly possible, though I haven't seen any examples.  Cyrille, is
the Python plugin good enough to do a simple example?
2001-05-01  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>

	* plug-ins/python/ (new file): 
	sample using the above
[Dumps Dia Object properties to console]

2001-01-06  Hans Breuer <Hans Breuer Org>

	* plug-ins/python/
	* plug-ins/python/ : test and documentation 
	implementations for export filter implementations in Python

I never suceeded in doing anything with that plug-in. I believe it was
mainly intended for scripting? If I remember correctly, Hans did build it,
maybe he's got a better clue than I.

The following should probably be added to the L(esser)FAQ


"There is probably no senseful way to write Dia Extensions in Python without
being able to read and understand the C-Sources"

But yes it is possible to write Dia Python plug-ins, or at least it
was last time I tried ...


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