Re: Build problems om Solaris

tino schwarze informatik tu-chemnitz de (Tino Schwarze) writes:

On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 11:01:31PM +0200, M?rten Svantesson wrote:

A problem that is really a bug in libtool has to do with hard
linking. The filesystem I mostly use is AFS. AFS has the peculiarity
that hard linking is possible within a directory but not between
directories. In the configure script there is a test wether hard
linking is possible, unfortunately this is done within a directory. In
the build process on the other hand linking is done between
directories. Go figure. :-(

I suggest to never hard link anything. I built dia as joe user and it
worked. So there should not be hard links involved. Or is this a
difference between building on Linux and building on Solaris?

You mean that you built on AFS on Linux? And that went alright? Sounds
strange. On the other hand if you ran and had another
(working) version of libtool installed, that might explain it.

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