Re: [long] lots of problems, you did ask ... [was Re: RC1 stats]

Le Sat, May 25, 2002, à 06:59:30PM +0100, Alan Horkan a écrit:

That sucks.  To avoid this kind of thing happening again perhaps there
could there be a very loud and clear warning that all commits by default
automatically grant copyright to you (Cyrille and/or other main

Yes this sucks, but legally, there is no such thing as an automatic transfer
of copyright. So, the policy is: if there is no clear GPL and Copyright
info, there is no inclusion of the patch. And yes we screwed up on EML. And
yes, we'll gladly include it back as soon as the original author gives us
clearance (which would require him to answer to my e-mail in the first

Please file a minor enhancement bug; this would indeed be nice to fix.

I dont have time, maybe after my exams i remember.  (i have added it to my
now ridiculously long post Exam TODO list).

heh -)   good luck.

The Letter page size request is not unreasonable but any requests for non
metric units should really be accompanied by money or code (code could
probably be used from Gimp).  I cringe at supposedly futuristic American
television programs that still use inches.

Yep. Money order payable in euros only, at my address. There is an
undisclosed bribe thresold (if you reach ten times this threshold, I'll
tolerate USD), orders under that threshold will be cashed and ignored ;-)

        Cyrille Chepelov
        14 rue du Temple
        68360 Soultz

I might still drink pints of Guinness and have to walk for miles to get
home and and only really know my weight in stones but it has just got to
be metric (the imperial system is not even decimal for crying out loud).

pints are fine for beer, especially for Guiness ;-) (though "un demi" (=half
pint or 33cl) of Doreleï makes my day) And a pound of meat or fruits is 500g.

        -- Cyrille


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