Re: [long] lots of problems, you did ask ... [was Re: RC1 stats]

Le Sat, May 25, 2002, à 05:29:32PM +0100, Alan Horkan a écrit:

(I'm replying to specific things; for too NSIS-related stuff, I'll let
Steffen answer -- he knows this stuff better).

The installer generates a batch file that sets the %HOME% variable every
time and then calls dia.  I think it would be much simpler to just add the
following line to the autoexec.bat file:
SET HOME=%windir%    REM Dia expects a Home variable.


Beware that setting and retrieving the HOME directory, and its default value
is different on just *every* flavour of Windows so far. Some use
Autoexec.bat, some use the Registry, etc. This is really tricky. The batch
is a safe way to do.

The tree view is intersting, but i was also hoping/expecting to see the
new Preferences dialog and Hubert Figueres toolbar enhancement.

I'm not very up to date on this. Have these patches been committed ? Are
people waiting for me to commit them ? (I need to be made more aware of
them, then). Hubert's toolbar enhancement may be the button with the
right-pointing triangle, located in left upper corner, between the rulers.
You need to enable a setting in the prefs dialog to see it, IIRC.

The installer sets up a load of things in the context menu.
One them is obviously wrong:
C:\Program Files\dia\bin\dia.bat
and there are way too many of the others which are of the form
Create X,
where X is virtually all the export formats dia supports.
These should be trimmed back to about five of the most useful/commonly
used export formats and/or put into a "Convert to" submenu or something.

I plead guilty for writing the wishlist bug asking for these entries; a
submenu may be a good idea. dia 0.90.RC1 is on my work machine, but I didn't
have the time to check this.

** (dia.exe:4294447971): WARNING **: object_get_type(EML - Process)
returned NULL

** (dia.exe:4294447971): WARNING **: object_get_type(EML - Instantiation)
returned NULL

** (dia.exe:4294447971): WARNING **: object_get_type(EML - Interaction)
returned NULL

** (dia.exe:4294447971): WARNING **: object_get_type(EML - Interaction
(orthogonal)) returned NULL

I guess this means that the EML shapes are missing.


The EML library has been contributed about a year ago; however, it lacks GPL
and Copyright headers. I pinged the original author so that he sends us a
fix, otherwise we don't legally have the right to distribute this work. He
failed to answer, so I disabled the objects/EML directory; normally is not registered in sheets/ anymore. I guess it's
still in the Win32 makefiles.

point.  I was doing some testing to see how robust dia was.  I deleted the
image dia_logo.png and this causes dia to fail to load, or at least stall
for quite a while.  A tiny window comes up with the message loading and
after quite a while the toolbox does eventually appear.

Well, if you break things, broken behaviour can't be totally unexpected....

When i right click on a diagram and do not have an object selected i
expected the Diagram Properties dialog (which includes background
propeties) rather than an error message telling me i have not selected
anything.  Alternatively (but less useful) if all you are going to do is
tell me i have nothing seleceted then why not grey/gray out the Properties
menu item.

Please file a minor enhancement bug; this would indeed be nice to fix.

I like standard keybindings.  I like consistant keybindings.  I like
Ctrl+Modifier (or whatever platform specific command key+Modifier).
In RC1 Ctrl+W is bound to Save As.  I have never seen an application that
uses this keybinding, Ctrl+W is always bound to Close.  I can only
assume was an accident because of the proximity of Save As to Close.  To
put it politely this really irks me.
Show grid has been bound to G, (Ctrl+G is taken) which is inconsistant and
mildy confusing.

(leaving this stuff to the keybinding experts)

it still sucks that my laptop only has two buttons and i need to plugin a
mouse to access the middle button features.  maybe ctrl+rightclick to
emulate third button or perhaps someone knows of a workaround.

C-rightclick is indeed working very well on Windows.

color you prefer).  It would be great if dia could be set to
(centi)meters rather than inches based on my locale (but im geussing this
is another win32 flaw).

dia talks centimetres only. We even get bug reports from the country which
usually inflicts us non-standard units (like Mozilla which won't let me set
the paper and margin sizes in units I can understand...)

and have some fun. I actually resisted a couple times sending a reply (on a
"this is the revenge" tone)...

It would probably nice to make the default grid 2.5 mm across with the
visible grid 4x the actual grid size. This is usually what I do after a
little while, when I work on a diagram. May make even more sense to make
this a pref, and have these prefs be loaded as defaults when opening a new

        -- Cyrille


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