Re: utf-8 test diagram

On 5/15/2002  "Maiorana, Jason" <jmaiorana idirect net> wrote:

tiny example diagram attached:
does this attached diagram show up for anyone
in their version of dia. It should contain
a flowchart box with: 

"begin:é?<å¤?æ??, end"

inside it

I dont know if the diagram I saw  is just what you excepted: there are 
some differences between what I see in the mail and what I see in the 
diagram:  After  "begin:"  and before ", end",  I see:
in the mail: 9 symbols; in the diagram just 4 of them. 
(the extra 5 symbols  in mail are 4 little squares and a < symbol)

But I beleive the diagram shows the 4  symbols you put in the Dia 

email:  loli unsa edu ar
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