Export & Transform with XSL


        I made a little package with XSL stylesheets for transformation of Dia UML Objects (Class & 
LargePackage) to C++, Java or IDL code. Here's how it works:

# xsltproc dia-uml.xsl diagram.dia | xsltproc dia-uml2c++.xsl -
# xsltproc dia-uml.xsl diagram.dia > diagram.xml
# xsltproc dia-uml2idl.xsl diagram.xml

        All classes properties are supported except templates. For packages, there is a problem since Dia 
doesn't lay out the Objects hierarchy inside the .dia file (or am I wrong anywhere?). So a little trick is 
used. An assumption is made that a diagram file contains only one LargePackage to which all classes belong. 
This package will map to a module for IDL and the package keyword in Java. I'll add C++ namespaces later.

        Thanks for trying it!

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