Re: 0.90.RC1 available

and that it will read old documents.  Hans & Steffen will bring out a new
Windows binary shortly.  Please try it out and post any critical bugs both

Here we go:

diaWin 0.90.RC1 is available from

The direct download link is:

md5sum: 7d833371445c01e3f2a62dea22dc7629  dia-0.90.rc1-1-setup.exe

The zip files containing Hans' build are available from:

Some notes: 
* Shape export is not working (Could not confirm this on Linux)
  Looks like the namespace is wrong (Outdate plug-in source?)
* I omitted the python plugin. I guess users capable of using python
  should be able to install Hans' zip files. Python would double the
  size of the installer. If required, I would rather create a separate
  installer for the plug-in. Is this ok?
* I'm interested in feedback if there's still problems with installing over
  old version and the $HOME problem.

The diaWin installer has been downloaded more than 90,000 times so far ...


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