Dia --> SQL (tedia2sql 0.58 Released

I released two days ago a script I, in poor judgement, called "dia2sql"
which is a replacement for dia2sql.

I've renamed it to "tedia2sql" meaning Tim Ellis' dia2sql script. The
current version is 0.58.

Changelog includes: Sybase support, Postgres support, column formatting,
bug fix for Associations-->Foreign Key, four-file table/constraint
drop/add output option.

I've tested this script on a ~30-table schema with ~35 associations
(foreign-key constraints) and it basically does the Right Thing.

As previously mentioned, this script uses Associations for foreign key
references as opposed to the "column named fk_*" method of the original
dia2sql. This should make those of you used to ER/Win or Dezign or CASE
Studio a little happier.

TODO includes automatic index creation via Class operations and cleaning
up the documentation. This latter will be a higher priority for me if
someone tries to use it, has problems, and emails me.

Temporary homepage on a 128k DSL connection:


Tim Ellis
DBA, Gamet

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