New dia2sql Made

Hello Lists, Alexander,

I've created a new "dia2sql" Perl script (this is a complete rewrite). I'm
calling it version 0.50.

It has several major enhancements over the original dia2sql including
using the UML association UML datatype for foreign keys. Like the original
dia2sql, you need to upgrade your 'expat' and get XML::Parser, but
additionally you need XML::DOM to run my dia2sql.

The 'documentation' of this script is an ultra-long comment at the top of
the Perl script, describing how you have to create your Dia UML diagram to
make the SQL DDL come out right.

The .tar.gz of the file is roughly 49k and is available over a 128k DSL at
the following URL:

:) tar -zvtf dia2sql.tar.gz 
drwxrwxr-x time/time         0 2002-06-25 17:43:11 dia2sql/
-rw-rw-r-- time/time     29879 2002-06-25 17:28:56 dia2sql/TestERD.dia
-rw-rw-r-- time/time     41127 2002-06-25 17:40:58 dia2sql/TestERD.png
-rwxr-xr-x time/time     18586 2002-06-25 17:29:56 dia2sql/dia2sql
-rw-rw-r-- time/time     17961 2002-06-25 15:51:40 dia2sql/LICENSE
-rw-rw-r-- time/time      1412 2002-06-25 17:30:00 dia2sql/testerd.sql

The files are an ungzipped Dia savefile (.dia), a screenshot of the
TestERD.dia loaded in my specially-modified Dia that has extra connection
points per UML Class (.png), the dia2sql Perl script, the GPL LICENSE, and
the output of dia2sql with the command line of:
        "./dia2sql -i TestERD.dia -o testerd -d"

It has one major missing function of the original dia2sql: it only outputs
Postgres style SQL DDL right now, although the manner in which I coded the
script should make it a 5-minute job to have it output MySQL DDL or even
Sybase, Oracle, DB2, and MS-SQL Server DDL.

Please, if you are interested in a Dia UML Diagram to SQL DDL converter,
download the tarball and try it out. I'd love to have bug reports and
patches and a CVSROOT to host this thing long-term, etc.

Tim Ellis
DBA, Gamet

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