Re: Another XSLT Plugin / Makefile problem?

libxslt for win32

i dont know how well it works or how up to date it is but if Hans is
willing to put up with the hassle i would much prefer a big download
for dia than Dia with less features.
(size only really matters when you are trying to cram an application onto
a floppy disk 1.44mb, old zip disk 100mb, credit card CD 50mb, or some
other small device.  IMAO :)

Alan Horkan

I guess the right solution is to just *require* libxslt (on *nix) at build
time (distributors may ship the libxslt-plugin in a separate binary package
if they don't want to have the whole dia package depend on libxslt).
Alternative is to have clunky code in (or is it?).

For Windows, this is irrelevant, Hans can make the appropriate decisions in
his VC-specific Makefiles.

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