cannot change shape fill color

i have a problem, i hope that i can hand edit shape files to fix it but i
dont know how.

create a polygon, any polygon (make sure that it it is filled, not
make a .shape file from it
add the shape (using the sheets and objects or whatever)

in the properties dialog for the shape created you can turn fill on or
off, you can change the line color but if you try and change the fill the
dialog will let you but the color change wont actually work.

sample polygon.shape here

I have a seperate bug/question.  I get these warnings at startup every

** (dia.exe:4294086501): WARNING **: object_get_type(chronogram -
reference) returned NULL

** (dia.exe:4294086501): WARNING **: object_get_type(chronogram - line)
returned NULL

I know exactly the cause of why i get them, i just dont know if I should
get them.
It is because i went to File,Plugins, and turned off Autoload at startup for Chronogram.

Also going to the Plugins dialog and trying to load Chronogram if you
have turned off autoload does not appear to work.
I think perhaps it is related to the sheet list needing to be
refreshed/redrawn more often.
when you add/remove items from the current sheet using the sheets and objects
dialog, you have to switch to another sheet and switch back to get it to
redraw and show the changes you have made.

I will file bug reports for these if necessary, i am hoping my first
problem can fixed by simply hand editing the .shape files.

Alan Horkan

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