Re: Conversion from CVS snapshot to released tarball?

Le Tue, Jun 25, 2002, à 04:02:02PM +0100, Andrew Ferrier a écrit:

Apologies, forwarding this email, sent it before with wrong
email, may appear twice...

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It seems you junk and non-junk addresses are going to be pretty much the
same shortly... Aaah, the wonders of procmail+spamassassin...

How does the CVS snapshot of dia get converted to the the
released tarballs? Their file structure is somewhat different
in places, and I'm assuming there must be some automated
process for this, probably to do with the whole
automake/autoconf thing.

The released tarball (not the snapshots) is built by running "make dist".
This does involve pretty heavily automake.

The reason I ask is that I'm trying to figure out how to access
the AUTHORS file at runtime. Currently, if I do 'make install'
on a CVS snapshot, the AUTHORS file does not get installed
anywhere. The current Debian package for 0.90 (I use Debian
testing/unstable) installs AUTHORS in
/usr/share/doc/dia-common/AUTHORS, but then this is the
standard Debian location for all such things, so don't know if
this is a useful observation anyway.

Currently, AUTHORS is only an EXTRA_DIST file; which means "dead weight 'make 
dist' has to carry over for building a tarball, but that's it".

For the specific case of Debian, dpkg-buildpackage has been instructed 
separately to put it in where the Debian Policy mandates it, but it's not 
really relevant here.

I've just got an idea: why not decide that the C structure is the
"authoritative" one, and add a flag --credits, which would simply print them
(roughly with the same format as the current AUTHORS file). We would then
build AUTHORS from the dia binary rather than the other way around...

(with a small dependency like

AUTHORS: app/dia app/ app/commands.c
        app/ --credits > AUTHORS

This would also nicely take care of the Win32 "problem".

This was a problem that also exhibited itself yesterday, when I
was trying to write the Gnome 2 about box patch, accessing
dia-logo.png. This doesn't seem to be installed by default
either, and I had to copy it to /usr/local/share/dia, which is
where Dia appeared to be looking for it (according to the
terminal error message). So in this case I fixed it manually.

The line:
        pkgdata_DATA = dia_logo.png
in tells automake to generate a line in "make install", which
puts it in $prefix/share/$package

By default, if you dont pass a --prefix= argument to ./configure,
$prefix=/usr/local (distributors typically build with --prefix=/usr)

        -- Cyrille


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