Feature list and idea list(Re: UML comments)

I have been testing DIAv090 RC1
and would like to try this out. What do i need to do? 
just CVS update and patch?

Just to let you know, I really like your product. It is good.
I will be installing it at work under windows and try and build it
under windows as well.

Here is my wish/bitch list while playing with the UML diagram editor :
If they are not scheduled, but easy to do, please tell me where to
start looking into it, and I will add them.

1. duplicate an object with CTRL+DRAG Object
2. edit the class names of UML by clicking on them
3. the USE cases lines cannot be aligned at all.
4. the layout algorithm needs to be added, I have been reading the
source code.
5. Can we associate a package to a diagram? 
6. Click on a package an open the diagram? 
7. store a subset of the diagram inside the package icon when it is
used by another package to represent the important exports.
8. XLST transformation on the UML to change
    <OBJECT id="X" type="UML-Association">
          <attribute name="multiplicity"> 
Or even use XMI?
My idea was to extend DIA2CODE by then DUMPing the data model into XML 
from there, after all the XML from DIA was interpreted.

9. Ability to apply filters on saving, so we can save via a perlscript
or makefile that will process the results.
10. Activate all windows that are dia
11. Activate the toolar and keep on top.
12. Have an intergrated UML handbook via URLs for each type of diagram

So that is a first list of things that I was thinking,
sorry that I did not read *all* the mailling list, 
I will if you can tell me where to start.


James Michael DuPont

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