Re: Cisco icons for Dia

Le Mon, Jun 24, 2002, à 02:36:16PM +0100, Ian Redfern a écrit:
I've converted the Cisco standard icon set to Dia shapes, so I can do my
network diagrams in Dia. It contains most of Cisco's products, plus 82
miscellaneous icons for datacoms and telecoms equipment, computers,
people, buildings and the essential fluffy cloud.


this is _very_ impressive !

Of course, Lars beat me to the post for the inclusion -- don't forget to add
the .pngs with the "-kb" CVS flag, that'll keep Hans happy -- but it really
doesn't matter who does the commit. You did the conversion, and I would like
to thank you a lot for this contribution.

Once 0.91 is out, it may be worthwile to ping the Cisco webmasters, if
they'd like to put a link to dia...

        -- Cyrille 


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