Re: Getting rid of old home-grown FontSelector

Le Mon, Jun 24, 2002, à 08:26:42PM +0200, Hans Breuer a écrit:
After fidling half the last night in widgets.c to make our home-grown
FontSelector work with the recent DiaFont changes I've given up.

Is there any reason we shouldn't use the standard GtkFontSelector and 
integrate it into Dia like the GtkColorSelector ?

It would be nice if there was a way, after using the GtkFontSelector, to go
back to the default three families -- I don't know how to do this easily. Or
if it is really worth it. All in all, we have gone back and forth between
policies in a couple days, going from "fonts but only 4 styles" to "all
variability", so maybe the real font selector is the more sensible choice

Lars, you've sweated more than me on this. What do you think?

        -- Cyrille


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