Re: Minor dia build error?

Le Sun, Jun 23, 2002, à 04:26:13PM +0200, Hans Breuer a écrit:
At 15:17 23.06.02 +0100, Andrew Ferrier wrote:
A build of a CVS checkout from about 5 minutes ago produces the
following error:

A look at the mailing list should show that Dia currently has
_massive_ changes. If you don't plan to help on this it
probably would be better to not use the cvs version for the 
next few days ...

Well, reporting this error _was_ helpful: I didn't know I forgot this
before. And is no business for Win32/MSVC, so I guess until I
redid a "make distclean" (which I do only very infrequently), this would
have remained uncaught...

        -- Cyrille 


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