Re: DiaFont abstraction and namespacing

Le Sun, Jun 23, 2002, à 04:26:28PM +0200, Hans Breuer a écrit:

Yes, I selected that, because on my system, plain "monospace" and "sans" are
flat out ugly. 
Having a ugly font for 'monospace', 'sans', 'serif' is a Pango 
configuration problem. There is some pango.aliases file which
needs to be adapted to make these font's look nice. Otherwise
your widget fonts won't look nice too ...

It's set in the themes.
We should fix Lars' selector to keep only the first valid 
item of a comma-separated list (Pango does this on its side).

IMO fixing at the wrong place ... With this approach we'll
hardcode families again. Depending on a proper Pango 
configuration aems right to me. 

Hmmm. Fair enough.

(there are so many
available families on my system I have to scroll through three
screenfuls of
the font widget -- with 1024 dots of vertical resolution).

Is this the new kind of useability, menus about 3072 pixels long :-) ?


One issue with my approach is where to get the first few fonts
to display. But again this could fall back to 'Sans', 'Serif',
'Monospace' which have to exist with any working Pango installation.

Yes. I think that by default, we should only specify those fonts. Of course,
we must let the user be free of using whatever fonts are available on his

        -- Cyrille


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