Re: Pango change, first^Wsecond baby step !

Le Sat, Jun 22, 2002, à 09:58:21AM -0500, Lars Clausen a écrit:

Remember that the objects don't pass a size that's useable by Pango, it
first has to be converted by the zoom factor of the display.  Which means
that we can't hope to this:

   obj->font = dia_font_new ("Courier 12")

Yes.  The string would be a stringified PangoFontDescription -- that way
we don't even need to parse it.

because we always have to parse the size.

D'oh ! you're totally right (especially since Dia font units are not points,
which Pango assumes). But we can add back the "real height" parameter, have
dia_font_new concatenate an arbitrary ("12") size to the stringified PFD,
and then set the real size (which we should keep as a "real" in one of the
fields of the DiaFont).

Now, for the scaling thing.... I think I've got an idea (which should map
well with the "current" dia_font() API), and objects have nothing to do with
that. I need to give it more thought to be able to write about that.

        -- Cyrille


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