Re: How to increase connection point on UML classes?

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Tim Ellis wrote:
I am using UML classes to try to make an entity-relation diagram for
the purpose of eventually creating a SQL Database script to create
tables with columns, indexes, and foreign-key constrainst.

You're sure you don't want the ER symbols?  And have you looked at
Dia2SQL on the Dia links page?

Dia2SQL assumes you use the UML symbols.

The ER symbols have 1/10th the desired functionality (a lot less than

Ah.  Sorry, I'm not aware of what is useful for making SQL.

I might need a hint or two about using the latest CVS. I couldn't build
from source because it wanted my gdk-???-config executable which doesn't
exist on my system (do I need to install gdk-???-devel packages?).

It seems to want libpng3 which is odd, because the 0.90 that I installed
seems to use libpng2 (/usr/lib/ which causes wierd graphic
artifacts in the new dia proggy. What do I need to do about libpng to
make dia-cvs happy?

Ah.  You need GTK2.0, basically.

If you don't want to deal with that, the patch should work for 0.90.  
It's at <URL:>.


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