Re: wysiwig TeX in dia

Le Thu, Jun 20, 2002, à 12:44:17AM -0700, James Michael DuPont a écrit:

Oh, I see. You want to turn a core full of the
assumption that it owns the
diagram and all its subcomponents, into a core
paranoid about
externally-triggered changes. 
Yes. A listener for update messages on watched
A model - view - controller, where the model is
distributed. The views controllers are connected via a
data backbone.

I see.
This looks like every
possible thing but a
trivial undertaking in my book (about like
transforming a simple diagramming
tool into a CAD package, probably...).
Yes it is not trivial. But DIA is a real good starting
point. We shoul not be afraid to try. 

I can see good reasons for implementing what you
describe, but it's
definitely not a "simple Perl::DBD hack job". 
It is more complex you are right. Not easy, and we
need a concept first.

Please don't break simple file-and-directories based operation, and please
don't break Win32. 

apply the change; and an
XML "conflict resolver tool" which would take the
"tree-with-conflicts" left
by the XML patch and allow the user to graphically
resolve the thing.
Yes, I aggree. We should also use tools that exist.
See :

I see you're well aware of the exiisting tools. So, here's I think a very
useful and immediately useful task: make CVS less dumb about XML files. Any
taker ?


The XML object can be updated and queried with effects
on the DIA object, and vice versa. Both are just
different views and encodings on the same abstract

What do you think?

Have fun; this looks like having an incredible potential, as seen in an
xterm, but it also looks a wee bit too abstract (and vapourware) for the 
limited share of wetware bandwidth I'm able to commit to dia. I'll keep my feet as
close to the ground as I can until I see working code...

        -- Cyrille


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