Re: XML file format - Linux vs Windows

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Ian Britten wrote:
I don't want to talk about fonts... :-< (Courier seems to work ok :-/)

Fonts are a sore spot indeed.  We're going to see what using Pango gives
us.  If we don't get consistent scaling there, we shall have to do scaling
by hand, even if small fonts will look uglier.

[ Me again... Please CC me if possible ]

Have you looked at Freetype2?  I think it more directly deals with your
problem then Pango would (which seems to have lots more than just font
rendering in it).

We've just recently finished moving all our text rendering stuff to use
Freetype2, with great results.  As a GIS (computer mapping) company, we
have a lot of very complex text handling needs (rotation, curves,
arbitrary sizes, Truetype/PostScript, printing, etc, etc) and Freetype
met all our needs.  We now get consistent and attractive fonts on both
UNIX and Windows.

[ Disclaimer - It certainly wasn't just a couple of lines of changes,
(especially to meet our needs).  It took a couple of months, and required
us to change the way we were doing some stuff, but it was *certainly*
worth it in the end... ]

Just my $0.02
(I'll happily answer any questions anyone has - It'd be a small price
to pay for your great program!)

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