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But here is my try to answer :
I have been looking into the XPDF source code, it
quite interesting. C++ classes that encapsulate
drawing operations. Each ouput is an renderer,
It would be usefull to create a DIA output object
it, so the drawing results in the DIA drawing


Please read the source. You can conveniently grep
for "Renderer".

I have looked at the Renderer, that is an output
object, and it might be interesting, but I think the
original question was of inputting the Tex into Dia.

pstoedit is called to translate the postscript to
Sketch input format, which
Sketch understands, and so the formatted text is
displayed as a Sketch object.

The XPDF only contains an PDF interpreter, 
I was thinking about using that for building an PDF
import into DIA, but I dont think I explained myself
very well.

Once you get your TEX into PS or eps, then the Dia
seems to have a EPS and DXF import

PS converter to convert the diagram to DFX


James Michael DuPont

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