will draw shapes by request [Re: dia shape file not as expected]

I already have drawn various geometric shapes (stars, polygons, and other
bits and pieces) which i intend to tidy up for inclusion in dia if they
are wanted.

There are several good suggestions on the recent parts of the mailing list.

Any in particular?  If you could name some and the people who requested
them so that if i draw shapes i can be sure that they are what is wanted.
If you could be more specific i might be able to use google to search the
mailing list, and value judgements of what you think might be most useful
would be helpful.
I am willing to draw shapes by request but I am not interested in trawling
through the mail archives one mail at a time to find them.

I looked through bugzilla and found this
please add a notebook icon in network

an example from another program, or even a non vector image of what the
user expects would be helpful
(added this comment to bugzilla)

Alan Horkan

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