Re: dia shape file not as expected

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Alan Horkan wrote:

i have drawn a torus/donut/ring shape with the middle cut out of it

i did this by drawing three circles (not filled) a thin outline a thick
middle line and a thin inner lineby drawing three circles.

in the dia file i was able to make one of the lines much thicker
but when i export to shape the line thickness is not maintained

see the file donut006.dia
the top left is what i am trying to draw, and the other two are what
example of what i got when i tried to create a shape file based on it.

Any suggestions? (i have read the faq and the custom-shapes document)

The problem is that the line thickness doesn't *scale*.  You want a shape
where the middle ring is as thick as the distance between the other two.
Shapes don't do that kind of constraints.

I know not how to make a real donut shape without programming it.  I doubt
that SVG will let you make polygons with holes.

Also if, i am not doing much for the next few days, so if anyone would
like some useful shapes drawn for including in dia, i am willing to draw
requested shapes/diagram sets, feel free to suggest them offlist.

I already have drawn various geometric shapes (stars, polygons, and other
bits and pieces) which i intend to tidy up for inclusion in dia if they
are wanted.

There are several good suggestions on the recent parts of the mailing list.


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