Re: printing Japanese without freetype

Akira TAGOH <tagoh gnome gr jp> writes:

On Thu, 06 Jun 2002 12:17:41 +0200,
"MF" == Mike Fabian <mfabian suse de> wrote:


MF> Unfortunately I can't get dia-0.90 to print Japanese anymore
MF> using Ghostscript. Here is a simple example file created
MF> with dia-0.90 with freetype disabled:

Yes, that's well-known problem.

But with dia-0.88.1 it worked find with my patch. 

I hope embedded font by freetype will be fixed this problem because
a lot of people are interested to Japanese and they may have no
Japanese printer.

Yes, I also think that this is the better way to do it.

Therefore I am more interested in how to fix the printing with
freetype2 instead of fixing the old way of Japanese printing which
worked with dia-0.88.1.

Mike Fabian   <mfabian suse de>
睡眠不足はいい仕事の敵\xA4 。

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