Re: printing Japanese without freetype

On Thu, 06 Jun 2002 12:17:41 +0200,
"MF" == Mike Fabian <mfabian suse de> wrote:

MF> I don't understand that. If you compile dia-0.90 without using
MF> '--enable-freetype' the PostScript output does depend on Ghostscript.
MF> I just tried again. Without '--enable-freetype', dia does not embed
MF> fonts into the PostScript output. It just write font names into
MF> the PostScript output and relies on the existence of these fonts
MF> in the Printer or Ghostscript.

I forgot to say one to you. IIRC CMap for Japanese are:
-H      horizontal writing for JIS
-V      vertical writing for JIS
-EUC-H  horizontal writing for EUC-JP
-EUC-V  vertical writing for EUC-JP
-RKSJ-H horizontal writing for Shift_JIS
-RKSJ-V vertical writing for Shift_JIS

and so on. I mean Dia shouldn't specifies them as the font
name. I recommend you see Adobe's PostScript Reference
Manual for more details.

MF> Unfortunately I can't get dia-0.90 to print Japanese anymore
MF> using Ghostscript. Here is a simple example file created
MF> with dia-0.90 with freetype disabled:

Yes, that's well-known problem. I hope embedded font by
freetype will be fixed this problem because a lot of people
are interested to Japanese and they may have no Japanese

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