Re: Installation of dia_logo.png

Le Fri, Jun 07, 2002, à 10:49:28AM +0200, Pierre Pronchery a écrit:

Compilation is good, my plug-in works, but there's still a problem at
startup, which I should have mentionned before: the dia logo doesn't
show up on splash screen.
(usual error message: Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkcontainer.c: line 713
(gtk_container_add): assertion `widget != NULL' failed.)

Yes, indeed the logo doesn't show up unless it's already present in the
installation directory. This has never been a problem until now...

Congratulations to the dia team and everyone who contributed!
(I've seen the release is already in sid, that's great)

Yep, Hallon has rebuilt it about two days after the release. Some BSD also
already carry it. I don't think the (United|commercial|$|.)Linux are lagging
much behind.

        -- Cyrille


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