Installation of dia_logo.png

I downloaded dia version 0.90 on Cyrille's repository:

Then uncompressed, and configured with these options:
./configure --prefix=/opt/dia --enable-gnome

Compilation is good, my plug-in works, but there's still a problem at
startup, which I should have mentionned before: the dia logo doesn't
show up on splash screen.
(usual error message: Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkcontainer.c: line 713
(gtk_container_add): assertion `widget != NULL' failed.)

When I copy manually the file dia/dia_logo.png to /opt/dia/share/dia and
launch Dia again, the logo appears without any problem.

Congratulations to the dia team and everyone who contributed!
(I've seen the release is already in sid, that's great)


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