Re: dia 0.90RC3

On 4 ÐÑÐÑ 2002 11:26, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Tue, Jun 04, 2002, Ã 12:20:53AM +0400, Vitaly Lipatov a Ãcrit:
In old files russian letters looks like

Can you send us a very small UTF-8 or KOI-8-R encoded text file with
the same text as inside this <dia:string> element ? (please be sure to
specify which encoding...)

One attached.

I needed a _text_ file, not a text object in a dia file...
Sorry for misunderstanding.
I will try to prepare it.

Can you send me a _text_ file encoded as KOI8-R or UTF-8 (either is fine,
emacs should detect that anyway and I know how it's supposed to look like
;-) ) with the _exact_ same textual content as the dia file you've sent ?
Ok, will later.

You may want to manually tweak the encoding="..." property of the <?xml
?> meta-tag.

I did it but I get SIGSEGV:
[lav lav dia]$ dia test.dia

GnomeUI-WARNING **: Could not open help topics file NULL
test.dia:1: error: Unsupported encoding koi8-r
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="koi8-r"?>

Try setting the encoding in uppercase ?

Does iconv(1) recognise the encoding "koi8-r" as is ?

(ie, can you pipe a KOI8-R file through
      iconv -f koi8-r -t utf-8  | iconv -f utf-8 -t koi8-r
and get back your data ?)
yes, it is works correctly.
You can try with cp1251 or cp1252 I think

I should like where "error: Unsupported encoding koi8-r" produced?
I can't found it place.

It is possible that this comes from libxml1.
Is to libxml2 migrating too hard?

Can I convert  #&#235;&#207 etc to human readable by iconv or some utilities?
I think libxml1 does not support russian encodings correctly :(
It library is too old it is not recommended to use.

GNU! Linux! LaTeX! LyX!

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