Re: gtk2.0 conversion & prerequisites

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At Sun, 2 Jun 2002 10:14:20 +0200 Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
*** imlib*:
imlib support is ripped out since:
2000-10-07  James Henstridge  <james daa com au>

        * app/ (dia_LDADD): remove GDK_IMLIB_LIBS reference.

        * app/commands.c (help_about_callback): remove imlib code.

And AFAIR it's almost dead on win32 since than.

*** libgdk-pixbuf2: 

This one seems to have been swallowed by libgtk2.0; has
it ???

*** libxml1:

Of course libxml2 is available. Let's put the poor libxml1 to rest, at long
last. We will still need the hackish XML load-time wrapper to handle the
case where we didn't specify the encoding and didn't encode in UTF-8 (all
pre-0.90 releases).
Uhm you mean that stuff which was broken since:

2001-09-14  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>

        * lib/dia_xml.c : reduce complaing about missing encoding, by
        detecting if the default (utf8) would break the file.

Already put the patch into cvs.

Let's give us one quiet week for a "brown bag" release, 
and heck, if nobody
else complains about "gtk2.0 is not mature enough", 'nuff waiting.
Even if someone is complaining about gtk2 let us force him to first
take a deep look at it _and_ stew some time in Dia's #hell :-) 

Or at least take a look at (Gnome1/2 comparsion):

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