Re: dia 0.90RC3

Le Wed, Jun 05, 2002, à 01:01:29AM +0400, Vitaly Lipatov a écrit:

It is possible that this comes from libxml1.
Is to libxml2 migrating too hard?

Yes as long as we link against GNOME 1.4 libs. We already have lots of
#conditionals for libxml2, and are already able to use it in certain

Can I convert  #ë&#207 etc to human readable by iconv or some utilities?
I think libxml1 does not support russian encodings correctly :(
It library is too old it is not recommended to use.

That's true, but GNOME 2 should be out since 1993 (kidding).
To recoved the &#...; mish-mash, I'm afraid some text-tools hackery will be

        -- Cyrille


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