Re: Unicode Prerequeites for dia-0.90 ?


Le Sun, Jun 02, 2002, à 08:43:40AM -0400, Frederick C. Druseikis a écrit: > Hello, > > I've been trying to build dia-0.90 on my Red Hat 7.0 system (ximian > desktop, up to date). > I'm receive in the following compilation errors that seem to be related > to the libunicode version. > The following is output from make >err.out 2>&1 I've been compiling with /usr/include/unicode.h which comes from the GNOME libunicode development package. Version is 0.4.0.

I installed libiconv-1.7 and used the ./configure --with-iconv-prefix=/usr/local option
This got me past the first few compiles in lib/ that were part of the original problem;
but then it failed a few modules later.

 You may have luck compiling by adding just after #include <unicode.h>, line 149, the following line: typedef unsigned int unicode_char_t;

I put this declaration at the beginning of lib/charconv.h There appear to be several places
where it is needed; and there appears to be an assumption that UNICODE_WORK_IN_PROGRESS is
defined because it is set twice in config.h

Whether this succeeds or fails, I would love to know the outcome. Sounds like one extra configure check may help here.

But I also needed to define unicode_iconv_t too (also by putting it in lib/charconv.h).
With these to changes (--with-iconv-prefix=) and defining both of these types, I can get it
all to compile, *but it can't link*.

The linker is looking for symbols such as unicode_strlen unicode_strchr, etc.
So I see these are defined kind-of in lib/charconv.h, but I don't get how they
are supposed to connect to libunicode.

Or is it supposed to be Globally UNDEFINED and locally DEFINED as needed?



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